West Norwood Cemetery, An Illustrated Guide

116 page full-colour guide to the cemetery

FOWNCBuilding on our earlier guide, this book contains details of 99 graves (109 notables, 69 of whom feature in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography). Each grave/memorial is illustrated, and most entries include portraits of the principal burial(s). In addition, there is a brief history of the cemetery itself and outline descriptions of the St Mary-at-Hill and Greek Enclosures. An innovation is the colourisation of many monochrome photographs such as that of the Anglican Mortuary Chapel featured on the cover.

All of the graves discussed may be visited except the vault of Sir William Tite (entry #94), which is situated in the catacombs beneath the site of the Anglican Mortuary Chapel. However, the design of the cemetery, the way in which burial rights in a plot were purchased, and the period over which interments took place mean that it is not easy to visit all the monuments illustrated in one visit.

FOWNCHence, we suggest visiting parts of the cemetery in turn.

The zones suggested are:

  1. the Gilbart monument (entry #36) and environs (23 monuments)
  2. the Dissenters’ ground (23 monuments)
  3. Doulton Path and environs (24 monuments)
  4. Ship/Beeton Paths and environs (28 monuments)

These zones/monuments have been colour-coded on the maps on the endpapers.

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