FOWNC Publications

Our publications can be purchased at FOWNC meetings and by post, email or telephone. Postage costs are not shown below because it depends on the total items you order, typically £1 for smaller items and £3 for larger packages.

Please contact our Publications Officer to confirm availability and postage costs and make cheques payable to ‘Friends of West Norwood Cemetery’. Payments by PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card are now available upon request.

FOWNCGuide Maps - A2 with colour illustrations

Monumental Architecture by Colin Fenn & James Slattery-Kavanagh - £2.00

Greek Necropolis by Colin Fenn & James Slattery-Kavanagh - £2.00

Booklets - A5 with monochrome illustrations and map

FOWNC (1990-2015) - PDF - free download

Norwood Cemetery: Introductory Guide, 28pp - £2.50

Dickens Connections by Paul Graham, 94pp - £2.95

Musicians by Bob Flanagan, 72pp - £2.95

Music Hall by Bob Flanagan, 56pp - £2.50

FOWNCSportsmen by Bob Flanagan, 76pp - £2.50

Great War Connections: 1914, 16pp - £1.00

Great War Connections: 1915, 20pp - £1.00

Great War Connections: 1916, 20pp - £1.00

Booklets by Bob Flanagan - A5 with colour illustrations

Crystal Palace Connections (See Newsletter #92), 96pp - £7.00

Norwood’s Mausolea (See Newsletter #90), 24pp - £5.00

Greetings cards - with envelope

FOWNCWest Norwood c.1840 showing Cemetery & St Luke’s Church - 75p each

Montage of monument views and details - 75p each

Christmas cards - pack of 8 with envelopes

4 of each: Group of monuments and trees in snow, Window with angels in Greek Chapel - £3.00

Postcards - 10p each

General Postcards

Aerial view c.1907

Entrance arch in snow

Cemetery with spring blossoms

Postcards of Monuments

James W Gilbart in snow

St Stephen's (Greek) Chapel in snow

Charles H Spurgeon

Thomas Winter (Tom Spring) - drawing

Portrait Postcards

Charles W Alcock

Sir Richard E Webster (Viscount Alverstone) (i) as amateur athlete

Sir Richard E Webster (Viscount Alverstone) (ii) as Lord Chief Justice