Contact the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery (FOWNC)

If you have a general enquiry or are unsure who to contact please send your email to Please do not send enquiries to more than one contact it will only slow things down. For details about tours and membership please contact the Secretary. Before emailing about Grave Searches see our guidance at

Trustees and General Enquiries

Caroline Brown

Chairman & Publications Officer

c/o Trustees

Deputy Chairman

c/o Trustees

Honorary Secretary & Tours Organiser

c/o Trustees

Membership Secretary

c/o Trustees

Honorary Treasurer

Anna Long
1st & 2nd Floor Flat, 47 Hambalt Road, London SW4 9EQ
07940 581654

Publicity Officer

Roger Myhill


James Slattery-Kavanagh
Quotes, 3 Cricketfield, Newick, East Sussex BN8 4LL
01825 723943